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Who We Are

The story of an oak tree is one of resilience and support. Starting as a 3cm acorn with only a 1 in 3 chance of actually becoming a tree, it resembles times of struggle that anyone can identify with. Through slow growth and an extensive root system oak trees can grow to be 70 feet tall. What you can’t see from its majestic height is the root system that can span up to 10 times its diameter. These roots provide support and nutrients critical for health and wellness. When next to another tree, roots often graft together, creating large webs of connection strengthening all of the trees. Oak trees embody the driving force behind Oak Tree Support Services to nurture and coach people to obtain the strategies and resources necessary to create a foundation that allows for stability. We strive to create a world where every person receives the supports needed to allow for deep roots in the community resulting in a firm foundation to build their best life.

Oak Tree Support Services

Where We Came From

Oak Tree Support Services began as an effort to meet the needs of a specific population and while much has changed in the communities we serve and the needs identified, this theme continues to be the heartbeat that drives us today.

In 2015 Beth and Deirdre first noticed that adult foster care (AFC) providers were feeling overwhelmed with the looming requirements of MN statute 245D. Not ones to shy away from creating waves and enabling changes, they began a company, then called MN Mentoring, to provide support and education.

Growing steadily, MN Mentoring changed to Mentoring Professionals and was quickly noticed as an important beacon of guidance throughout the AFC provider community. But they didn’t stop there.

Now an established presence within the human services field of Minnesota, they saw new needs within the community of people receiving services through state and federal programs. With Deirdre as the holder of the big, audacious dreams and Beth as the steady compass, Mentoring Professionals began providing services to the community. Individualized Home Services and Housing Access Coordination were their flagship services. They served as a launch pad to what is now one of the leading agencies providing a wide array of services to fulfill their consistent mission: to eradicate homelessness by meeting people where they are and helping them get to where they want to be through county and federal programs including housing, employment and independence supports.

Oak Tree Support Services

Meet Our Leadership

Deirdre White

Deirdre White

Chief Executive Officer
Deirdre White has been an adult foster care provider for over 17 years. She became a provider because she loved serving people and wanted to be a stay-at-home mom to her two children. Deirdre started her career in this field while working in Oklahoma with a program designed to keep elderly and people with disabilities in their homes with supports. She worked as a case manager and case manager supervisor writing care plans and assigning support hours to assist people achieve maximum independence. As Minnesota expanded their program into working more with people that are diagnosed with mental health challenges, she was asked to open a home specializing in that field. Deirdre has been trained in person-centered planning and has participated in creating plans. She started mentoring homes about 10 years ago and has seen several grow into thriving, positive environments for residents. Deirdre enjoys spending time with her 3 children and grandchildren.
Beth Fahlstrom

Beth Fahlstrom

Chief Financial Officer
Originally an Iowa farm girl, Beth became an adult foster care provider in early 2004 after a successful career in business, accounting, and management. Her entrepreneurial spirit came out when she noticed that other providers needed help working through the myriad of policies and forms necessitated by the onset of 245D requirements. It was then that Mentoring Professionals was born. Beth is married with two children, two grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Beth and her husband enjoy working at home together instead of having to go to two separate jobs.
Alicia Morris

Alicia Morris

Chief Human Resources Officer
Alicia Morris brings more than 10 years of diverse human resources and payroll experience to the team. Her areas of subject matter expertise include employee relations, HR compliance, performance management, policy and handbook development, compensation planning, and talent acquisition. She started her career as an HR Generalist focusing on employee engagement at BI Worldwide. Prior to her role at Oak Tree Support Services, Alicia was a Human Resources manager for the top security provider for the NFL, WESS. She loves sharing her enthusiasm of the outdoors with her husband, daughter and two dogs.
Becky Green II

Becky Green

Chief Strategy Officer
Becky has spent her first 20 years of her career journey in the financial sector serving in a variety of capacities but has always had a heart for those experiencing homelessness. She has invested years in serving meals to those experiencing homelessness, scheduling and participating in volunteer activities to benefit the communities we live in, and being a volunteer overnight staff at an overflow shelter. At the end of 2020, she was presented the opportunity for her to use her project management skills to combat housing instability and related social issues. She has been blessed to be a part of this great work ever since! Becky is married with 3 children and loves exploring nature with family and friends.