Success Stories


Doris had lived in her current apartment for ten years. She was thriving and had overcome struggles with anxiety and mobility limitations. She began services with OTSS when her landlord notified her that in three months, her lease would not be renewed, and that the owner was selling the property. Doris and her housing coordinator worked relentlessly to find a home that accepted her housing assistance voucher and was in the same neighborhood to create as much consistency as possible. Although any move has anxiety involved, it was the mission of her housing coordinator to do all that he could to move in a smooth transition. A new home was found, and Doris was able to work with her housing coordinator after moving to create new routines and re-establish old routines.


After overcoming multiple barriers, we found Laura a place that would take her non-declawed cats, her voucher, and in an area that she loved and had a great school for her daughter!


Holly was living with her abusive husband because she was unable to find a local shelter with an opening that could accommodate her accessibility needs. In addition to the stressful home environment and urgent need, Holly also had many barriers related to finding a new home. The housing coordinator was able to work with her on resolving a past eviction through advocacy and finding resources that would help pay the amount owed. She also helped her appeal a housing denial and she was then approved!


Sarah was in a group home that became increasingly unbearable. I was able to locate housing for her and when I went to visit her, she said she needed to move that day. I packed her up myself, drove the U-haul truck, and moved her things into her new home. It was an adventure but she was so happy to finally be away from the toxic environment.


Gretta was at severe risk of homelessness. Through a joint effort of HSS Transition, Sustain, and Employment Services, she is now able to grow her independence and stability through obtaining a firm foundation of housing and employment.


Bob had not lived on his own in many years and found new independent housing through our HSS Transition services. He and his team identified that independent housing would be challenging without supports. Through HSS Sustain, he was able to help his team set up housekeeping and nursing supports. They also worked on cooking, budgeting, organization skills, set up appointments and connect to the community. He is now thriving in his own home.